Educational disciplines:




  • Thermodynamics and statistical physics (educational program "Physics");


  • Thermodynamics and statistical physics (educational program "Applied Physics");


  • Theoretical mechanics (educational program "Physics");


  • Theoretical mechanics (educational program "Applied Physics");


  • Physics (electricity and magnetism) (educational program "Applied Physics");


  • Astronomy (educational program "Physics");


  • Theoretical physics (educational program "Mathematics");


  • Physics (educational program "Computer Engineering");


  • Vector and tensor analysis (educational program "Physics");


  • Electron theory of matter;


  • The radiation resistance of materials for electronic equipment;


  • Theory of defects in crystals (educational program "Applied Physics");


  • Electron effects in solids;


  • Cosmology;


  • Cosmic gas dynamics (educational program "Physics");


  • Cosmomicrophysics;


  • Physical basis of nanotechnologies (educational program "Physics");


  • Physical basis of nanotechnologies (educational program "Applied Physics");


  • Physical basis of information technologies;


  • Physical basis of informatiсs;


  • Modeling of physical processes (educational program "Physics");


  • Modeling of physical processes (educational program "Applied Physics");


  • Physics practicum for school (educational program "Physics");


  • Methodology of teaching physics (educational program "Physics");


  • Nonstandard methods of solving tasks from physics;


  • Issues of methodology of teaching physics (educational program "Physics");


  • Information technologies in physical experiment;


  • Modern information technologies;


  • Computer technology and geographic information systems;


  • Modern technical tools for teaching ;


  • Concepts of modern natural sciences (educational program "Physics", "Applied Physics");


  • History of science and technics (educational program "Philosophy");


  • History of physics and astronomy (educational program "Physics");



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